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Welcome to Shedfield Parish Council

We hope you continue to find our website of value to you in providing information regarding your Parish Council - and your parish – which covers our three villages – Shedfield, Shirrell Heath and Waltham Chase.

Our Parish Councillors work hard to make our Parish a better place in which to live.  From time to time issues will arise for which it is essential to have your views and input so please contribute when you can.  We are now in the throes of the start of the new housing programme.  Trying to protect our beautiful countryside is no mean feat!

A group of volunteers, forming the Parish Plan Steering Group, is progressing a Parish Plan and Village(s) Design Statements and I am reliably informed that their draft should be available in the near future.
I am pleased to notice that our recreation grounds are well used by our community – for sports, play – and now we even have picnic tables in Waltham Chase.   It is great to see them being used.  As you will see, we are installing Fitness Equipment in the three villages.  We have tried to vary the pieces so hope you will enjoy using them.  Who knows – we could become the fittest parish in the area!
All Parish Council meetings are open to both the public and the press.  You are most welcome to attend, either to offer input to something which concerns you, to ask questions, give your views on items in our agenda, or to simply find out what we do and how (and maybe even why) we do it.  All Meetings and Agendas are advertised on our Notice Boards around the Parish, and dates can also be found on this website. 

Should you need to contact us there are several ways in which you can do so. For instance, telephone our Clerk at our office in the Shedfield Pavilion, e-mail directly to the Clerk, or use the contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Jess Bond
Chair of Shedfield Parish Council