Shedfield Parish Council - Waltham Chase Traffic Lights
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Waltham Chase Traffic Lights

A number of residents have reported concern over these traffic lights and thank you for this. To confirm, Hampshire Highways Traffic Systems have checked the lights on a number of occasions and confirm:

"We’ve checked the site and are confident the sequencing and timings are correct.

The configuration of the traffic signals does not allow for conflicting phases to receive a green signal at the same time and this is fully tested in the factory before the controller is installed. In the event of a malfunction of this type, the controller would switch itself off rather than display a potentially hazardous combinations of signals and this would be logged as a fault. If the signals were to switch themselves off, they would remain off until an engineer attended site.

The site is continually monitored remotely and no faults have been reported but in light of the additional reports, I will arrange for some site monitoring to be undertaken this week".

Thank you all for your vigilance. If, after this weeks checks you remain concerned, please report the incident via the HCC Report a Traffic Light site:

Thank you, Liz, Shedfield Parish Council