Shedfield Parish Council - Friends of Shedfield Common
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Friends of Shedfield Common

Local volunteers are working with Shedfield Parish Council to help maintain and improve the Common for walkers and for wildlife.  

We meet on the third Sunday of each month, at 10am -2pm , at the B2177 lay-by. (next session 11 October 2020)

We will be following strict rules to prevent spread of coronavirus. Everyone needs to wear gloves and appropriate clothing and maintain social distancing.

Shedfield Common tree planting 2020

Shedfield Parish Council successfully applied to the Woodland Trust for 420 saplings to plant on Shedfield Common. They will be planted along the B2177, replacing the current scrub behind the lay-by.

In time, they will help to stop the noise, pollution and visual intrusion of the road on to the Common. They will also improve the look of that part of the Common – growing trees have been shown to improve people’s mood. And they will help the parish to fight global heating and climate change. During their years of rapid growth, trees will absorb carbon dioxide and keep it locked up for decades, while all the old fossil fuels are phased out.

The mix of trees, all native and suited to the south of England, will provide food and habitats for wildlife, as well as colour. They include oak, hazel, blackthorn, hawthorn, crab apple, silver and downy birch, dog rose, rowan, goat willow and wild cherry.

Preparation for planting takes place on the weekend of 10-11 October 2020. Social distancing and other COVID-related rules will be in force. On the Saturday, with the help of Hampshire Conservation Volunteers (HCV), the site will be cleared of existing scrub. The use of brush cutters means that there will be noise and that visitors must be kept at a distance. On the Sunday, the Friends of Shedfield Common, with Parish Councillors and HCV, will complete the preparation by removing stumps and weed roots to give the young trees the best start in life. Other volunteers are very welcome!  Come to the lay-by for 10am. Wear old clothes and sturdy boots, bring your own water, snacks and sanitiser, and ideally your own garden tools (fork, spade, rake, etc.). You will need to register contact details for track and tracing purposes.

The actual tree planting date depends on when the Woodland Trust despatches the trees, but we expect it to be either Sunday 15 or Sunday 22 November.

We would welcome volunteers so please contact or ring 01329 830060  and one of the councillors will get back to you.