Shedfield Parish Council - Play Areas
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Play Areas

Play Areas - Great News - The Play Areas are open from Tomorrow, Saturday 4th July. Enjoy your "Same but Different" play area.
The virus has not gone away. We have some very simple rules to help us all keep safe:

  • Sanitising Gel - Take it with you and use before and after you play on the equipment.
  • One person only on each piece of equipment at a time, take turns if busy or come back later.
  • Bring wetwipes or similar to clean the areas you are going to / have touched - We THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP to keep it clean for all.
  • Stay with those you came with, socially distance and take care when moving between equipment.

"Keep Calm", follow the rules, have fun and help keep the play areas a safe place for all to enjoy. Thank you everyone.

image of poster - click to download pdf