Shedfield Parish Council - SPC Precept 2022 2023
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Latest News
24 January 2022 Extra Ordinary Full Council meeting
Notice - Extra Ordinary Full Council meeting will be held before the Open Space meeting at Waltham Chase Methodist Church at 7pm.
Progress Report on Shedfield Common
Next working party at Shedfield Common is Sunday 20 February 10am-12. Meet in layby by B2177. All welcome.
Progress report and update on Shedfield Common work to date can be found by clicking on the title above.
Avery B, Shedfield Equestrian Centre 21/03074/HCS
We have been informed that the following application has been withdrawn - Avery B, Shedfield Equestrian Centre , Botley Road, Shedfield SO32 2HN Application number 21/03074/HCS Proposed Household Waste Transfer Station
Shirrell Heath Telephone Library
We are disappointed to announce that BT are removing the Telephone Box from Shirrell Heath High Street.
Shedfield Parish Council applied to adopt it back in 2019 but it turns out that BT mislaid the paperwork and they have now confirmed that as it is sited on private land, we cannot be the custodian. For a parish council to adopt a kiosk it needs to be sited on public land. We therefore need to remove the books as soon as possible.
Adult Gym Equipment
The adult gym equipment has been removed in Shedfield and Shirrell Heath Recreation Grounds as the internal workings failed an inspection. They have been taped off with notices not to use it whilst we sort to repair it. Unfortunately these models are no longer made, the original supplier has gone bust and no spare parts were available.
SPC Precept 2022 2023
All Committees of the Parish Council have been working hard on preparing budgets for money we will request from Winchester City Council as a precept. This will be received during the financial year 2022/23.

SPC Precept 2022 2023

All Committees of the Parish Council have been working hard on preparing budgets for money we will request from Winchester City Council as a precept. This will be received during the financial year 2022/23. 

The Planning Committee has been working extremely hard on behalf of the Parish responding to some large planning applications.  The first of these is the Five Oaks Farm Quarry.  The second is land removal and refill at Raglington Farm, another at Avery b, HWD Hampshire waste disposal, plus various planning matters at the Shedfield Equestrian Centre.  

The local plan identified Morgans yard for residential development some 6 years ago based on 65 houses with provision of land for expansion to the school.  This went to a public inquiry and they offered the field known as WC1a the other side of the school for community use, expansion of the school playing area and a nursery school.   The Inquiry agreed 100 houses if WC1a was included but the application now being considered has no expansion to the school, or land for the community or a nursery and is for 98 houses and a small number of industrial units.   There is now a separate application by Foreman Homes to develop WC1a with 5 large houses, a nursery school and a playing area which they are prepared to give to the Parish. 

The Parish Council has never had such large and difficult applications and have had to seek professional help by employing Planning Consultants.  A Planning meeting last night,13 December, at Waltham Chase Methodist Church highlighted all these issues. 

The Open Spaces Committee manages the playing areas at Waltham Chase Triangle, Provene Gardens, Waltham Chase Recreation Ground, Shedfield Recreation Ground, Shirrell Heath Recreation Ground and the Allotments alongside.  We are seeing a very large increase in all the costs for maintaining these areas including the grass cutting, hedges and maintaining and renewing the equipment.  We have also had all our trees surveyed in the parish and it turned out they needed a lot of work completed.

At Shedfield we are now at the point of getting in tenders to increase the size of the Pavilion to bring the changing rooms up to the required standard for both male and female and enlarging the size of the meeting room and will make it available to the parish to hire for private parties or for when using the Recreation Ground.  This is a substantial project which has been largely funded by CIL money (Community Infrastructure Levy) which is money received from new housing within the Parish.  

The Cemetery and Common Committee have been extremely busy with works on the common after years of little work and now has an active volunteer group to help.  In fact, this last weekend there has been a lot of hedge and tree planting on the Common and we thank everyone involved.   The Cemetery is well maintained and work is being done on some of the old headstones that are unsafe and have been laid down. 

We are grateful to our staff,  Jo our Clerk, Sara our new Responsible Financial Officer and Sue our Planning Clerk for all their hard work.   It has been a very testing time for the staff over the past two years coping with covid and having to work from home at times which they are now having to do again.  

The Parish Precept has not been increased over the past 2 - 3 years and has not kept up with inflation and the additional costs due to covid.  This increase is larger than normal and will bring us in line with neighbouring parishes and takes into account the extra 300 + houses we now have in our villages.  It equates to a band D increase of 97p per week and Band E to £1.30 per week.

We hope the Parish will support the Parish Council in acting for them and protecting our villages. 

Shedfield Parish Council