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Five Oaks Farm

26/2/21  Please see Shedfield Parish Council Planning Expert's most recent advice regarding the proposed Five Oaks Farm application:

Summary advice for further comment or objection.   URGENT - DEADLINE IS 15 MARCH 2021

18/2/21 Preliminary Response sent to HCC from Shedfield Parish Council -Re Five Oaks Farm  (Application No. 20/01483/HCS)      Comments to by 15 March 2021.

Shedfield Parish Council (SPC) is extremely disappointed with the reply given by the applicant, TJ Transport, in response to the Regulation 25 notice.

Due to a lack of clarification, omissions and failure by the applicant to answer most questions or to provide an explanation of the methodology, SPC plan to continue with opposing this application.

We would like to put HCC on notice that SPC will be submitting detailed reports from experts in the following areas:

  1. Highways
  2. Air quality
  3. Noise
  4. Transport
  5. The need for this sand.

A separate report is being prepared regarding Hydrology by an affected local business.

We are concerned that a detailed HIA (Health Impact Statement) has not been carried out.

This should be done to prevent any further legal challenge.

HCC was very critical of the applicant regarding the lack of public consultation, to this date no communication has been sent to those local residents whose lives could be severely impacted upon by this project. Also, there has been no consultation with the local community and other members of the public.

The applicant’s agent, SLR, had stated an intention to prepare a virtual presentation and consultation package which was to be accessible via the TJ Transport web site. To date no such virtual presentation has been launched.

I respectfully ask for consideration of an extension to the cut off period to enable SLR/ TJ to complete and publish the presentation/consultation, and allow time for this to be reviewed by members of the public.

10 February 2021 Re Five Oaks Farm  (Application No. 20/01483/HCS)

Further to an email that has been circulated today from "Strategic Planning" at Hampshire County Council, please be advised that this is being read and analysed by our experts. This document is 90 pages long so will take some time for us to gather all the information. We will then be able to form a response to share and answer any questions you may have.

Details of this email and document are as follows and you are welcome to use the links below to look at all the paperwork and respond directly to :      Comments to by 15 March 2021.

Economy, Transport and Environment Department

Elizabeth II Court West, The Castle

Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UD

Tel: 0300 555 1375 (General Enquiries)

0300 555 1388 (Roads and Transport)

0300 555 1389 (Recycling Waste & Planning)

Textphone 0300 555 1390

Fax 01962 847055

Enquiries to Amy Dales My reference PLAN/AD/WR242

Direct Line 0370 779 6283 Your reference

Date 10 February 2021 Email
Dear Sir/Madam,

The winning and working of up to 230,000 tonnes of soft sand with phased working and restoration through backfilling with up to 435,000 tonnes of clean inert waste/materials, associated internal access routes, plant and infrastructure at Five Oaks Farm, Winchester Road, Shedfield, SO32 2HS (Application No. 20/01483/HCS)

Following the submission of a planning 7 July 2020 to which an EIA applies, notice is hereby given that the further information has been provided to Hampshire County Council in respect of; air quality, noise and vibration, water environment, traffic and transport, archaeology, Ecology and Landscape and Visual.

The documents can be view on our web site on the link below and I also attach a copy.

Five Oaks Farm - Planning Application 20/01483/HCS - A four page summary of the Parish Council’s objection is on the Parish Council’s website / available at  Reg 25 Letter 3 December 2020. TJS have been asked for further information and when this is done Shedfield Parish Council and Residents with make a necessary reply

Please can I have your comments by 15 March 2021.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the case officer on the details provided

Yours faithfully

Amy Dales

Development Management Officer

December 2020 - Update Reg 25 letter now on portal -  TJS have been asked for further information and when this is done Shedfield Parish Council and residents will make a necessary reply.

In late July, our parish council was made aware of a Hampshire County Council planning application for mineral extraction followed by backfilling with inert waste at Five Oaks Farm, Winchester Road, Shedfield SO32 2HS. Details of this can be found via the HCC planning portal.  planning ref 20/01483/HCS

Shedfield Parish Council has been working with local residents and two District Councillors to oppose plans for a big quarry and landfill in 19 acres of countryside between Shedfield amd Waltham Chase. TJ Transport and the owners of Five Oaks Farm have applied to extract over 200,000 tonnes of sand and to replace it with over 400,000 tonnes of inert waste. The work would last at least six years, with potential for extension. More than 2,000 locals signed a petition organised by residents against the plan, and hundreds of objections have been submitted. Media coverage included all local papers as well as the Hampshire Chronicle, South Today, and Radio Solent. Shedfield Parish Council, in its most significant action ever on a planning issue, employed a consultant to co-ordinate expert technical assessments of the application, and submitted a detailed 86-page objection. The objection challenges the application on multiple grounds, including wholly inadequate preliminary studies of dangerous dust and noise, unacceptable numbers of heavy lorries entering and leaving the Winchester Road on a dangerous 50mph S-bend, potential damage to the landscape and wildlife, and the disruption of the footpath network. The sand is in any case not needed, since Hampshire’s Minerals and Waste Plan lists other existing and planned quarries with plenty of capacity for years to come. Under Town & Country Planning Regulation 25, the applicants will now have time to amend their plans before they are considered in full by Hampshire County Council. A four page summary of the Parish Council’s objection is on the Parish Council’s website / available at