Shedfield Parish Council - Allotments
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Map of allotments in Shirrell Heath

The ground was left to the Parish in the late 1Shirrell Heath allotments9th century as allotments for 'the labouring poor' and Shedfield Parish Council was named as 'The Trustee'. 

Times change and there was little desire for all the allotments we had, so in (approx) the year 2000 Shedfield Parish Council obtained permission from the Charity Commission to turn half of the allotment ground into the Recreation Ground as we now see it.  Hence the Shirrell Heath Recreation Ground and Allotments Charity came into being. 

We currently have 35 allotments - all occupied under a tenancy agreement. The total area of the allotments is :  8,252.34 m² (88,827.44 ft²) or .83 of a hectare approximately. 

A waiting list is maintained by Shedfield Parish Council.