Shedfield Parish Council - Background information
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Background information

Who we are

A Parish Council is the 3rd tier of Local Government.  Shedfield Parish has three villages, with two wards:-

  • Shedfield and Shirrell Heath 
  • Waltham Chase

Our funding (or precept) comes from Council Tax paid by parish residents, via Winchester City Council (WCC).

We have approximately 1700 houses with a total population of around 4000 people in the Parish. There is a District Councillor for each ward, although they are not members of the Parish Council. 

The Parish Council at full strength would have 14 members.  Councillors are all unpaid volunteers, serving their community, and together we are responsible for taking care of many aspects of the villages.

What we take care of

The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining all of these lands, plus many other issues throughout the Parish.

Shedfield Parish Council is also the Trustee of two areas of land which we were fortunate enough to have had gifted to our Parish for specific uses – Shedfield Recreation Ground and Shirrell Heath Recreation Ground and Allotments.  These we care for in the normal work of each committee – but since they are Registered Charities, in accordance with Charity Commission rules, separate accounts and Minutes must be kept.


The Council has several Committees: –

Each committee, as well as Full Council, has a Chair and Vice Chair.  Each Committee has its own Terms of Reference. A very time consuming responsibility is advising the District Council of our opinions on planning Issues.  All planning applications are passed to SPC By Winchester City Council, for our comments – however decisions are made by WCC.


To keep all these things running, we require the assistance of paid staff – viz a Parish Clerk, a Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) and a Planning & Projects Officer.  All staff are expected to deal with members of the public and contractors, either by telephone, or when they visit the office. As part of the working hours, the Clerk is expected to attend Council and some Committees. The RFO would be expected to attend the F&A and the Planning & Projects Officer deals with all Planning Committees. 


Our meetings are held on Monday nights and usually last for about two hours.   We try to keep the number of meetings down, but it tends to work out at every second Monday.


 We currently have a number of vacancies. For further information please contact the parish clerk.